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Leveraging Cloud for the Business

Leveraging Cloud for the Business

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Cloud offerings are everywhere, but understanding what applications and workloads to put into the cloud is critical to making the deployment successful. Led by our Cloud Enablement Expertise Center, our team will help you to navigate the in's and out's of making a sound decision on if and how to leverage the cloud.

Price typically meets needs of most mid-size US-based firms. Should you feel your requirements are more detailed and specific, please call us so we can discuss your needs and provide you with a more detailed statement of work.

As part of this service, our customers will receive:

- A 2.5 hour workshop led by a member of our premier cloud enablement team, which will give a thoughtful review of how the cloud came into being, why so many have adopted it, common mis-perceptions you can avoid, and where the industry is racing towards at this time.  This session will  wrap up with a 30-minute Q&A for those in the audience

-  If you have already commenced on a cloud enablement initiative, our Cloud Team will schedule a 1/2 day lab, during which time we will talk with your company's best minds who are leading the cloud effort.  This lab often brings new energy to those leading your cloud effort, as it is often during these labs that serious brainstorming occurs.  Out of our wealth of experience, we will share what we have seen, felt and heard from our other customers - what worked and what was not so great an approach.

-  A report of the industry best practices that continued to be formed out of a wealth of trial and error.

- Those who attend this course will receive a 20% discount on any customized consulting you may need beyond this workship - up to 100 manhours