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Enterprise Architecture Deep Dive

Enterprise Architecture Deep Dive

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This service provides those interested in the benefits and  purpose of developing a corporate Enterprise Architecture (EA) Program at your organization.  It gives a general understanding of the common business and technology challenges that lead organizations to adopt an EA Program.  It reviews some of the most popular EA Frameworks available, the level of commitment needed for a successful effort, and the benefits reaped from the endeavor.   As part of the effort, attendees are given questionnaires and case studies that can help facilitate the decision process if an EA Program is right for you.

This engagement also includes the following products as its deliverable:

- PowerPoint Decks used during the deep dive will be provided to enable your company to socialize to key stakeholders how EA can turn your technology investment into a major component of corporate value

- Input that attendees contribute during Labs and Team Q&A sessions will be catalogued into a professional report that will enable executives to see how those who attended the course felt and thought during the engagement

- Attendees of this course will be invited to  more focused assistant in an EA development program from the Etairos EA Expertise Center at deep discounts.




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