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Ecosystem Design

Ecosystem Design

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With today's rapidly changing technology, it makes sense to many companies to begin to understand their complex technology investment by building an integrated view of how their IT infrastructure, application, vendors, and critical business functions inter-relate.  Much like a natural ecosystem describes how mother nature and the circle of life work in tandem, the IT ecosystem gives a similar picture.  It will both make better sense of what may seen illogical, as well as bring to light potential components of the ecosystem that are not optimal.

This session is led by the Etairos Enterprise Architecture Expertise Center Veterans who have helped some of the world's largest firms bring together into composite view the many moving parts of their IT investment.  When a picture is worth a thousand words, let our best minds make your picture one worth the investment!

As part of this engagement, our clients will receive:

- Working notes from interviews and whiteboarding sessions our team will lead with different representatives of your corporation

- Backup diagrams to edit and enhance the final work product

- A high resolution, professional grade diagram, which is typically used to begin the process of socializing how ecosystem design facilitates an integrated technology investment

- Suggested reading and training materials to continue developing a consistent way to describe your company's business from a technology perspective.

- Attendees of this course will be invited to attend the EA Deep Dive at a 30% discount


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