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CIO Strategic Lean Analysis

CIO Strategic Lean Analysis

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As one of the premier offerings from the Etairos CIO Expertise Center, the Strategic Lean Analysis gives your organization the tools to transform your Information Technology Function into a world class operation that enables you to leverage technology for business objectives in the most effective way.  

If you want to reset your IT strategy, validate your IT effectiveness, prove to your stakeholders your IT organization is moving up the value chain, or ensure professional IT continuity, our portfolio of Strategic IT services will help you!

Price covers a 10 day analysis and recommendations. 

As part of this engagement, our clients will receive:

- Evaluation of your IT Organization’s current capabilities, effectiveness, opportunities, risks, business alignment and process maturity. 

- A rapidly executable plan for improving the contribution of IT to business objectives, at a lower overall cost.

- Completed Questionnaires from attendees of the sessions.

- All meeting notes and, if the customer requests, video/audio recordings from the sessions.

- Recommended next steps with an estimated timeline.

- Attendees of this session will be invited to purchase one other Strategic IT Service offering at a 30% discount.


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